I got this strange error message in xensource. Uninstall any existing RDAC drivers using the make uninstall command:. I noticed last week, that my storage reported multpahting errors, so I checked multipathing. Open failed on virtual bus node. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now.

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Linu failed, no path to volume. Jonny Tobiasen on Mar 13, The maximum number of paths logical endpoints supported per controller. Posted April 9, By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

A description of each parameter follows. The failover driver has five error levels for messages that are logged to the Linux OS error log:. Error trying to determine state of volume. Tried with two different servers, same problem. Verify the disk devices are mapped from the array to the host, as follows:. Run the mppUpdate command again to create linkx new initrd image. When I typed multipath -ll I got the notice, that the kernel module isn’t loaded and mppUtil -g 0 reported a complete Multipathing.


Place the download in a non-volatile location on the system to be installed. Error trying to create virtual linxu. Remove any earlier version drivers that are in this directory by running the make clean command:. Open failed on virtual bus node.

Many of these values are overridden by the failover installer for Linux. radc

[dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

Busy wait time radc on failover command. Yesterday I wanted to delete a attached SR but I couldn’t. Post as a guest Name. The Above config info is needed if you want to make mkinitrd manually. What must I do if I receive this message?

You must run mppUpdate to reflect these changes in inird image before rebooting the server. The host numbers assigned by the Linux middle layer start from 0. After you change a configuration value, run the mppUpdate utility and reboot the Linux server for the change to take effect.

The files in this directory are labeled 0 through 9 or A through Z. Some parameters might not have liinux meaning in a particular operating system environment. The initrd image is automatically created when the driver is installed by using the make install command.


RE: [dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

Can’t find certain answer. Liux following base and host drivers are supported:. Since you’re using the LSI mpath driver, you should really start with their support and take it from there. To make sure that the RDAC driver has found the available storage arrays and created virtual storage arrays for them, type the following commands, and press Enter after each command.

Without the SaveSettings keyword, the changes only affect the inmemory state of the variable. Sign up using Facebook. The valid range is from 0 to 4. Any changes to the settings take effect on the next reboot of the host.

Many thanks for any advice!