I like the calibration style wingun uses. Repeatedly pressing the “F8” key while booting will display a menu with boot options. It features a button below the barrel on either side of the gun buttons A and B, both performing the same function for auxiliary in-game control, such as to take cover and reload in Time Crisis. Last edited by Schnurri ; Apr 4, 3: Re, yes wobbly cursor is the consequence of the very low resolution of the guncon2 Even with infrared sensor bar, real lightgun will not work. This is the best I’ve seen an actual lightgun work on PC.

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I remember renting World at War inand it actually wasn’t horrible. The main problem is for some reason gucnon driver needs lots of brightness to pickup the gun.

Guncon 2 – Dead Horse or Still Alive?

I wonder why the Playstation doesn’t struggle with this, but every guncon driver I’ve seen just doesn’t work with black at all. Thanks for the tip concerning the.

The controller is compatible with some PlayStation 2 Guncon titles, but is not compatible with PlayStation 3 due to its lack of controller ports. The 32bit driver would be suitable for Windows XP. Prominent additions to this second Guncon model is a D-pad at the back of the gun barrel and a C button added at the bottom of the gun handle.

It’s an awesome piece of hackery though, with lots of potential and almost a “public service”: Can I bribe you via Patreon or something to work on this more? Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Is it my convertor box that is causing the problem?


I am curious if the Nintendo zapper is more accurate or not and if the NES software compensates for it. Getting a mod kit for the guns from Aimtrak right now is not an option due to cost so if I have to give up the dream of playing some Lethal Enforcers I guess that’s just the way it is.

You have to crank up the brightness at hyper ridiculous levels for funcon of games start to work actually I had to increase by software because my JVC broadcast monitor knob at max wasn’t enough The only game I tested that would work at regular brightness level was Gunblade NY.

Took me quite some time to get it set up the way I wanted. I’ve been looking for something like this for too long, but I give up and intall win XP in another machine with WinGun, so oc my joy after seeing this, I honestly did not have any hope that it would work but I’ve tested the drivers right now in my personal computer, it works perfect!!! It’s very much a wip, I need to properly document the project and simplify the circuit. I’m going to guess this version of the driver won’t work with 32 bit Windows XP but is there some way to still get the appropriate driver for use with XP?

Extract the zipped file to a folder.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. For the Namco Guncon 2 guns to work in Windows 7 bit a driver is needed. At the back end of the gun barrel is another analog stick and two buttons, B1 and B2, underneath. On some systems it is necessary to boot into “Safe Mode” to guncom the drivers to install.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Wikimedia Commons has media related to GunCon 2. Download the “Gunguncon2” software: So some games will not be properly playable. Any new info out there that anyone could point me to would be greatly appreciated.

I guncpn say that WinGun works pretty well for supported stuff anything that can do directinput for 2 player – mame and games supported by original troubleshooter worked well but for emulators requiring rawinput like model2 or pcsx2 or live cursor tracking for both guns you’re out of luck.

Rata En Lata Trade Count: I program a little using Arduino C based language so I understand how difficult gunco can be. Run the “Installvmulti1” file first and the “Installvmulti2” file.

Please Help! how to get guncon 2 to work on PC monitor and house of the dead 2

The driver used with the Gungun software is unsigned so you need to log into windows while Drive Signature Enforcement is disabled. I ran into some problems installing the software on my laptop so I made this instruction for all of you that might find it useful.

When windows is fully booted: This allows me to detect the guns sepparately and send the flasher delay the trigger some milliseconds and shorten the trigger duration to be inside the flash lengh. I think it’s due to the gun itself.