The exception I get is. Even I built a fat jar which contains the db2jcc. Authentication failed, repository cannot be located, or repository cannot accept the connection. This means that a connection is not made until the bean method is accessed. Is that JAR in a viewable path with correct permissions? It was fixed in 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Kerberos login error occurs while connecting to the database If you are using the following list of scenarios, a kerberos log-in error occurs while trying to connect to the database.

The persistence context items are still stored in the Java Naming and Directory Interface JNDIbut they are not placed into local variables on the bean object.

MadSaidhave you had a chance to try the above solution? Chanakya 2 6 fziled The underlying problem is an authorization conflict between WebSphere Application Server on Windows and DB2 that arises when an application attempts to connect to DB2 without providing a user ID and a password. DB2 was ugpraded and its packages are not rebound correctly.

Could not find the DB2Driver class running Spark app

If the file missing, you are using the JDBC 1. DB2Driver” in my code. Sandeep 88 4 On Windows systems, look for the inuse file in the java12 directory in your DB2 installation root. By the way I also added the Class. At command prompt run ‘java -version’ ensure it’s picking up appropriate JDK rather than other versions of Java 5. I had the same problem once and the following was working for me: On operating systems such as AIX or Linux, change the class path for your data source to point to the db2java.


The result is that the component managed alias is configured to be an identity that is not known to kerberos, therefore, when the DB2 driver relayed this identity to the database, an error occurred. Install appropriate JDK version have you checked the version of the driver. Technote troubleshooting Problem Abstract The following error occurs: Because a lock contention exception can be caused by many factors, consider the connectlon explanation and recommended response as a strategy for eliminating the possible reasons for your lock contention problem.

This change can result in data integrity problems. In my case connfction happened that the JAR itself was corrupt. Failed to initialize the connection that uses the The client sent a new password value to a server that does not support the change password function.

Solved: Failed to initialize the connection that uses the – SmartBear Community

This problem does not occur if the single-phase transaction is committed, and it does not occur when using the DB2 Universal JDBC Driver in type 2 mode. Hi this change worked when using the soapui interface. For example, if this is an error on your data source, verify that you have assigned a user id and password or authentication alias.


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Could not find the DB2Driver class running Spark app – Hortonworks

The method looks up these persistence context items from the JNDI and by that time, the bean should be running in the correct security context because the EJB container has called the security collaboration APIs.

Solution Upgrade to DB2 Version 8. This is less obvious when using non-English characters, as the real limit is reached prior to visual characters are displayed. Does it work if you run it on just the current node? For me, copying the H2 jar to lib worked fine.

Data access problems for Sybase data sources. The DB2 Server may be down.

Client not found in Kerberos database at com.