Transmit Lenard Member Jan Then connect it to my parent’s router before it takes a firmware update. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Disregard this statement, I see you stated ethernet 2 on the gateway, not Airties.

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I still have the issue where devices will randomly pick up a.

Takes awhile to fully connect. I have one of the first generation Nest thermostats and there is a known issue where they don’t negotiate the DHCP renewal airtes. Hooked 2 new ones up last nite, fixed weak spots and now blazing wifi throughout the house.

Just using the WPS buttons. You found a branded hotspot that has to be purchased up-front and without a doubt, has to be returned with no compensation when service is discontinued. If I turn off WiFi on the device and back on it will work just fine. Did the AirTies take a firmware update on Comcast? Looking at my phone’s wifi stats I can see it has a Thanks for the tip! It might not make any difference but you might want to try that to see if it helps.


Try this before getting rid of the Airties. Shouldn’t the modem flush out DHCP? Video doorbell without WiFi? I powered up the AirTies, waited for the 2. Will it then work with a customer’s own router?

At first, the app didn’t find it. Has anyone confirmed whether the Ethernet ports can in fact work for mesh backhaul? So I will be getting one next week and will test it! Just means I have to manage two devices which I wanted to avoid for simplicity reasons. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service Find my devices all connected to 5 Ghz far more aiirties and hand off between the and the AirTies is seamless.

AirTies RT-210 Air 5020

May order a couple more for them. They just keep using the former IP and won’t use a new one. Ordered one myself, just to experiment. But what if we don’t update the initial firmware?

AirTies RT Air | Default Router Admin IP Address

So you can use it to connect to other wifi devices and your not forced to use it only on the ac or bgw? I can’t get app to work as it can’t find the nodes. I tested it for about a hour, streaming stuff from Netflix, Youtube, etc. Also no tech can replace them if they go out as the system forces a 35 dollar charge to get replenished in stock.


Overall it has been much better than since turning off IPv6 which is a sad thing when you think a out it in the year IPv4 address and not a Anon4e to Observer Anon Arities 6: Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? No interruption at all.

Not getting any packet loss and the VoIP calls sound good.